2. Indirect Gun Control

    In this video I discuss a disturbing recent trend of limiting the availability of guns through indirect means, whether it be social pressures or important constraints, these limitations of the availability of firearms can be just as devastating to our 2nd amendment rights as a legislative gun ban.

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    S&W Model 29-2. Mfg 1979. 

    Ever since I saw Dirty Harry I’ve needed one of these, I’d even carry that bitch in a shoulder holster (loaded with .44 special of course)

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    Left to Right: S&W 28-2, 586-2, 586, 686-3, 13-1, 10-7, 442-1

    More revolver love.

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    As promised, a pic with the new grip. Tbh it looked better with the old grip, but this Master II grip is just so much more comfortable! And I tend to value the better groupings on the target than the actual look of the gun. Though it doesn’t hurt to have a sexy piece of gun-steel in your holster ;)
    Now I just gotta glass-blast that horrible tribal on the barrel-weight…
    Any suggestions or just random thoughts? =)


    Gorgeous, love those old PPC wheel guns. 

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    1911A1 - Guns of the World

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