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    Ferguson is looking more to me like a trial run for martial law… a training ground so to speak.


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    I don’t know that much about it so I might be missing something but it seems like the losses would be worse than what would be gained from doing this. The barrel is already short so efficient powder burn is going to be minimal as is(and I would assume lessened by the porting) and I also assume…

    Brake would add length though. I had a Taurus 605 357 2” once that had a ported barrel. It shot .38 spl like .22 but was pretty impractical as far as guns go. Most snubs never shoot past 15 yards max, so accuracy isn’t the problem, but the muzzle flash and port flames when shooting 357 got me kicked out of an indoor range lol. So it really doesn’t make a whole not of sense, especially as a carry gun, I can’t imagine that in low light, you wouldn’t be able to see shit.

  4. "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." - Edgar Allan Poe

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    Hot off of the heels of Eric Holder telling people it’d basically be better for the Federal Government to have more control over state and local police departments to “prevent another Ferguson”- Adam Winkler, a reporter at the Huffington post, who’s also a UCLA law…



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    Well my GF thinks WWII is highly overrated so she’d be on board for a WWI FPS on principle alone!

    yeah I mena battlefield and world at war were cool and all but I wanna see some trench knives, bolt guns, and cavalry shit lol.


    Well there is an fps with bolt actions and big maps and intense gameplay, but it takes place during WWII It’s called (Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad)

    Does it allow you to hack at nazis with trench knives, shovels and bayonets?

    It allows you to stab Nazis with bayonets and also gives you PTSD after seeing 4 of your guys get mowed down by a MG34.

    Don’t forget those guys not even dying at first, and moaning on the ground crying for their mothers for twenty minutes while you’re pinned in a blood-stained crater waiting for the gunner to reload so you can pop out and end their suffering

    Not to mention, zeppelins, poison gas, maxim guns, mark one tanks, snipers in no mans land…oh shit I just got hard.

    Oh fuck, I totally forgot about zeppelins and early tanks, and shit there could be biplane and triplane dogfights … this needs to happen.

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    No need for AK accessories.. I saw this on the web and thought I’d post it here.

    Awesome lol

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    No lol maybe its just us Arizonans
    How the rain on your side of town

    Actually pretty rough right now my dogs are not happy. I’m by south mountain though we always seem to get a lot of rain, wbu?

    Were over by vistancia however I’ve been here my whole life and the…

    Oh nice you’re way up there, that was crazy the other day, good for the desert but not the people who live in lower elevation.

    Yea thats true however family has been here forever and we built on a hill for that reason but yea its cool to see the valley react to rain in its difference spots

    Casa Grande here. Just dust and the rain smell.

    Yeah it’s always weirdly sparse when it rains but I guess that’s kinda cool too. I feel like Casa Grande never gets rain lol. When I was in Tucson it would always rain up by us in the foothills and then south chandler but completely skip CG lol