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  3. umm. yes please.

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    Simo Häyhä

    Simo Häyhä, the world’s most proficient sniper, only stopped by an exploding bullet to the face and survived, living to the ripe old age of 96 and settled down as a hunter and hunting dog breeder.

    Gotta respect a man with that determination.

    1st: That sweater … couldn’t be more awesome.

    2nd: Those 2 Mosins on the bottom … sporterized, for all those gun hipsters and surplus nerds, even Simo Hayha, essentially the godfather of the nugget thought that wanna be musket was too long and heavy, quit acting like a gun designed in the 18th century is the end all be all of bolt gun design.

    Third: No optics … because apparently he doesn’t need any … 

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    Edinburgh, Scotland

    photo via gina

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    Kincade. Skyfall.

    Manly as fuck

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    This “quote” drives me up a fucking wall because Oscar obviously did not say that. Not only is it an anachronism, because cars were definitely not a thing when Oscar was alive, but he would’ve put it much more cleverly and succinctly.

    Haha so true, not only clever and succinct but also probably pretty derogatory toward women, like “you don’t love someone for their looks, unless it’s a woman, because their looks are the only redeeming thing about them” lol

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    what the fuck new zealand

    Sean Bean in disguise 

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  10. Still one of my favorite pics on this site.

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